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Body Care

Through the manipulation of the body's soft tissues many techniques are used to relive tensions and pain and provide relaxation. When combined with one of our luxurious body treatments you will be well on your way to the ultimate relaxation and selfcare for your body.


60 Minute Relaxation Massage

Let our aestheticians give you the treat you deserve as they soothe and relax your body during this 60 Minute Relaxation Massage.


Reducing stress while promoting overall wellness and relaxing tired and sore muscles from head to toe.

60 Minute - $120
Couples 60 Minute - $255

HotStone add on $20 

Couples HotStone add on $40


NOT offered with RMT.


Body Treatments

Your journey begins with a soothing steam to open the pores and an exfoliating scrub. 


After your rinse your customized treatment mask will be applied based on your desired results. 


While being wrapped in our luxurious mask you will be treated to a mini facial featuring Dew of the Gods and scalp massage.


Your experience finishes with an intense moisturizing treatment.

Anti-Aging/ Firming $165

Cellulite Reduction/ Firming $165
Blemish Prone Skin / Detox $165


Back Facial

The back facial begins with gentle steam to open pores and lift impurities, followed by a deep cleansing and exfoliation and extractions if needed.


Next your back will be treated to a custom mask based your skin type.


Your journey will conclude with and intense balanced moisturizer.



Sugar Glow

Rejuvenate your whole body with our sugar polishing scrub containing argon shell and lava stone pumice fortified with avocado, rice bran, safflower, grape seed, & sweet almond oils that will exfoliate your skin leaving you feeling smooth and renewed. 


After a rinse your body will be treated to an intense hydrating treatment / massage.


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