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Kayla Roche - Stylist

Introducing Kayla Roche, a talented stylist with an impressive background in the world of hair. Since her early years, Kayla has been honing her skills in the salon, starting as young as 14. 

Graduating from Marca College in 2015, she received top-notch training in the art of hairstyling and the never-ending world of color. Kayla’s portfolio showcases her artistic flair and attention to detail, making her a go-to expert for all your hair needs.

What sets Kayla apart is her unwavering commitment to staying on top of trends. With a thirst for knowledge and a dedication to ongoing education, she ensures that her clients receive the latest and most innovative techniques. 

Passionate and driven, Kayla is always up for a new challenge and is currently accepting new clients. Trust her expertise to transform your hair into a work of art. Book an appointment with Kayla Roche today and experience the magic for yourself.

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